Detect if a user can book a room in Outlook/Exchange Online using Graph

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Is it possible to detect if a user can book a room resource via Microsoft Graph? Can't find any documentation on samples on it.


I mean, there is a setting in Exchange Online from  Exchange administration side that we can tweak either from the UI or from PowerShell (Set-CalendarProcessing + BookInPolicy parameter) in the room resource as below, so the room only accepts requests from specified users and groups:


I'm working on a custom app to book rooms, it would be good to warn or block rooms that users don't have permission to invite rooms to meetings, instead of booking an event and managing the rejection. As this setting can be managed with PowerShell I wonder if there is no other way to access it programmatically such as via MS Graph.

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Afaik no, as Graph still doesn't cover any admin Exchange Online operations.
Hi Vasil, thanks for your response. I explained from the admin side to show what is the exact setting but, it wouldn't be managing as admin but maybe a way to determine if a user can book a room or not?