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I am fairly new here and have a question for you guys. I would like to create a O365 / Azure Dashboard for our company. Currently I have created a demo version with PowerShell incl. some modules and for the visualization I use the module ReportHTML. This works quite well, but: In the future I want to switch to GraphAPI, for the vusialization I want to switch to PowerBI and I would like to keep the data a bit longer to be able to build timelines. What data am I interested in? Actually all the classics:

  • Number of users/guests, MFA enabled
  • Global admins and other roles
  • Teams Stats
    • Memory usage and utilization
    • How many teams from which regions
    • Inactive teams
  • SharePoint and OneDrive Stats
    • Sites Types
    • Storage utilization and usage
  • Azure Stats
    • Log Ins (Normal, Risky,...)
    • VMs
    • etc (a lot to follow)

Does anyone here have ideas on how to implement this? How to create a central and easy to use dashboard?


My initial thoughts on this are: Retrieve data in PowerShell via GraphAPI and store it in a database (CosmosDB). Using PowerBI to visualize the data from CosmosDB. I have no idea if this is a good/useful idea....

I hope you can help me a little bit to get started.

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No ideas here? Am I perhaps in the wrong forum?