Conflict in available times for Microsoft Graph meetings

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I'm working on software in Laravel where requests are made to check available times in two different emails and it is possible to schedule meetings according to this availability, all of this is done by Microsoft Graph.


However, there is a problem occurring, I tried to schedule a meeting in the email room email address removed for privacy reasons from 10 am to 11 am on 10/06/2023, and after scheduling this meeting at the same time in the other room (teste1@teste .com) became unavailable.


I searched for this in the gpt chat and it returned me this:

"The problem you are experiencing occurs because, when scheduling a meeting in the email address removed for privacy reasons room, you are blocking time in that room.

This means that the timetable will no longer be available in the email address removed for privacy reasons room.

Microsoft Graph takes time constraints into account when you search

available times for meetings, which is expected behavior."


I was confused about this, is there no way to separate the meeting times of two emails?

My request code for available times is this:



$emailTeste = 'email address removed for privacy reasons';
$eventsTeste = [];

	"attendees": [                
			"emailAddress": {                        
				"address": "'.$emailTeste.'",                        
				"name": "'.$emailTeste.'"                    
			"type": "Required"                
	"timeConstraint": {               
		"activityDomain": "unrestricted",                
		"timeslots": [                    
				"start": {                            
					"dateTime": "'.$dia.'T08:00:00",                            		
					"timeZone": "'.$viewData['userTimeZone'].'",                        		},                        
				"end": {                            
					"dateTime": "'.$dia.'T18:00:00",                            		
					"timeZone": "'.$viewData['userTimeZone'].'",                        		}                    
	"locationConstraint": {              
		"isRequired": "false",              
		"suggestLocation": "true",              
		"locations": [                  
				"displayName": "Conf Room 32/1368",                      	
				"locationEmailAddress": "email address removed for privacy reasons"            }              
		"MaxCandidates": 99        
	$getEventsUrlTeste = '/me/findMeetingTimes';
	'Prefer' => 'outlook.timezone="'.$viewData['userTimeZone'].'"'        



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