Channel-message change notification subscription stopped sending reauthorizationRequired event

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Hi Team,


We are using Microsoft feature: change notification subscription to create subscriptions for channel-message and chat-messages resources.
We use these subscriptions to deliver the messages sent in MS teams to our internal applications.


We are using application access token to create the change notification subscriptions.


After creating subscriptions, we were able to get the change notifications for channel-message/chat-message resources on our webkook endoint.
Also we were able to get the reauthorizationRequired event on lifecycle change notification webhook enpoint.


For every reauthorizationRequired event we use to renew the subscription by 70 hours using the application access token.


For our channel-message/chat-message subscriptions we only received the reauthorizationRequired events for first couple of days and after that we stopped receiving those events.
Because of this we were not able to renew the subscriptions.


Could you please guide us to understand the root cause of this issue.


Thanks & Regards,
Vaibhav Medhekar

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