Am I muted? call/meeting API

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Hi All, 


I was planning to create a lightweight app that could check the status of being on mute during the call/meeting on Teams. I guess everyone knows the "Sorry I was on mute" phrase. 

I am not a programmer so I tried to do some research on how I could achieve it the easiest way. It seems I could do it with the Graph API  -> Cloud Comm. / Call /Participant/ isMuted property. 


That would require however more coding I was initially planning to do (I didn't code in c# for a while) + challenges connected with authentication + the fact that some organizations will not grant me permission to request such info with an API (if I am correct). 


Could you please give me a hint whether there is any other way to achieve it -> Mute/ unmute + checking the status. maybe I have missed something. 


Thank you !



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