Yes No Questions and Branching

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We have a survey that has been created with some yes no questions and based on the answers the user is prompted to another question. The issue is that when we preview the survey the form has the question and answer rendered in a specific way, for example,






Then the branching question which is another Yes/No will have the answers the wrong way around





and then any further questions with yes/no randomly changes the answer layout. 


Any ideas

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"Yes, No" questions are not a set, out of the box option. Whoever has created the form, has likely chosen the "Choice" type and then applied branching to these questions. 


If you desire to rearrange the "Yes" "No" answers, the best thing to do would be to edit the form and change the answers, and then alter the corresponding branching as desired. 


Its seems however, unless there is a specific reason for the Yes No questions to be in a certain order, you may well want to simply leave it as is, especially if there are any integrations connected to the form. 


Hope this helps. 

Hi @Hunter Willis, Thanks for the reply.


In the form you are correct that it is setup as choice with the answers being Yes and No. I have enclosed 2 pictures, 1 in design mode and then other in preview mode. As you see the preview mode the answers are the wrong way around!





I've been unable to reproduce this in my tenant; I would suggest filing a support ticket as this certainly does not appear to be expected behavior.

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Hi @Hunter Willis


We raised a ticket and the answer is potentially (as we are testing) that each choice question has an option in the ellipse menu of "shuffle options" which seems to be on by default. 


We will go through the survey and uncheck this and see if that works



Thanks for posting the solution there! I have not seen that option... very interesting.