Writing Approvals back to Excel using Excel Forms?

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Hi, I am keen to use digital forms to replace the many form systems in place including paper forms and sharepoint forms. Excel forms look ideal as they could easily be set up by users with very little training (utilising the form with a sharepoint list would be too difficult for ad-hoc forms) but struggling to add an approval response to the Excel Sheet.


If I set up a flow I can get the approvals but I can't write the approval comment or (approved/rejected) as there is no unique ID for the submitted form in the automatically created form table. Other than searching the excel table for a unique combination of all the answers in all the columns (once again difficult for a standard user to understand), is there any other options with Excel Forms?


BTW- I tried the submission date column but that is represented differently in Excel to Forms and so the Excel lookup won't find the correct row.

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