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I'm new to forms but was wondering if anyone has used it as a way to submit a work request form?  I work for an engineering firm and am in charge of setting up the projects. Currently I just get an email asking for a project to be setup and I usually have to track down all of the information myself.  To help speed up the process I thought it might be a good idea for them to instead fill out a form and submit it to me.  Any recommendations or opinions would be great.




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@kkopp2005 we frequently use forms embedded on pages on our intranet for staff to do a range of things. For example they can submit nominations for staff awards, log incidents, suggest ideas or submit IT support tickets.  For that one they complete the form which gets picked up by a flow in Power Automate which adds it to a list in SharePoint for one of our IT Managers to then assign to a member of the team to action. Another flow alerts the engineer that they have been assigned the ticket and once the status is set to Resolved another flow sends a personalised email back to the original submitter. The system has handled about 15000 tickets so far, works well and is easy for staff to use & understand.


A simple example of a flow that grabs a form response and saves it to a SharePoint list is shown below.




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@RobElliott Thanks for the response this it was what I was looking for.