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Hey everyone,


I manage a remote team. I had an idea but I'm not sure if it's possible. If i housed an excel sheet in SharePoint that contained a table for dispatch info.  Could I create a flow that when i update the excel sheet, it automatically gathers the data and exports all of it onto a Bing map via email? Basically so I could see where all of the dispatches are. A visual representation. 

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@Charles665 Yes this should be possible and there is an article abut using Bing Maps with Power Automate here. You could also achieve it by building an app in Power Apps as of course that shares the Bing Maps connector with Power Automate. As an example of the Power Apps route, I built an app for my company where staff using company cars enter the start and end location which are automatically displayed on 2 maps. They enter the size of the vehicle to get the distance and carbon emissions which a flow in Power Automate then picks up and saves all the data to a SharePoint list. So something similar for your needs should be do-able.




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Wow that's an incredible app. I'm not to good at power apps at the moment. It's a steeper learning curve. But I know you can do some powerful things with it. Ill check the link out. Thanks!!
Thanks for that link. I had already checked that out. Didn't really help me get to my solution though. But thanks