Will Forms Pro replace Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365?

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the question is basically in the topic already.

Will Forms Pro relpace Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365 or is it just ment as a seperate tool?


Thanks for any insights!

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Hi @serfk 


In my understanding, it's a seperate tool that can leverage off of Dynamics 365 but is not intended to replace any functionality in that product.


"Forms Pro is a simple, yet comprehensive enterprise survey solution for businesses to capture and analyze feedback to improve how they engage across their business. With Forms Pro, you can get actionable feedback from customers in real-time at every stage of their journey, improve organizational health with real-time feedback, build the products customers want, and leverage the data and tools you already use from Dynamics 365, Common Data Services (CDS) and Power Platform. Forms Pro will adhere to the compliance, security, and privacy levels you've come to expect from Forms and other Office 365 apps. Companies can collect information without users having to go to non-secure solutions, and there isn't a need to build and maintain custom surveying tools."


Here's a ZDNET article about it.


Hope that helps!




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We are investing to build Microsoft Forms Pro as a simple but comprehensive enterprise survey solution. VoC is a separate survey solution currently available to Dynamics 365 customers. New and existing Dynamics 365 customers with applicable licenses can continue using VoC, as well as sign up for the Forms Pro public preview to evaluate. We encourage customers to start creating new survey using Forms Pro and let us know your feedback. 

Alright sounds good.

We are just starting doing extensive user research and do not want to chose an outdated tool.

Excited to see how Forms Pro will connect answer results and customer satisfaction to Dynamics Accounts and looking forward to the Public Preview.


As we have never taken part in a public preview - do we need to register beforehand and can we start using it already in production when it becomes public preview?



@serfk Forms Pro is in public preview and we have customers using Forms Pro for production roll out. I encourage you to try, test thoroughly and report to use any issue and share your feedback. 

@Welly Lee 

I just tested a little.



I created a survey and sent it via Forms Pro to a Contact from Dynamics 365.

The survey was answered.

I can see the Survey Answer in Dynamics 365:

1) It has troubles using characters like öäü.



2) image.png


The regarding field is empty. So it seems I cannot connect this survey response to an Account / Contact in Dynamics 365? Because I send out the Survey via E-Mail selecting a Dynamics 365 Contact, I would assume that the response should be connected to this Contact. 

Sales People should see which Surveys Accounts / Contacts have conducted so I need a link between the reponse and the Regarding field.



3) The default Icons could maybe be copied from Voice of the Customer when Adding the Entities in the sitemap.


Thank you for your help. Looking forward to get this into production aswell.






Thanks for reporting the issue. We will look into this asap. Please feel free to contact me at welly.lee@microsoft to discuss.

@Welly Lee how do I change the date question format from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy?