Why is there no email address input validation?

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I am annoyed by the poor input validation of Forms.
In particular, the input validation of the email address.


I need to send an email back to the form responder, so use Cloud Flow to process it.
But, If a customer or someone outside my organization submits the form, their email address will not be recorded.


I reluctantly added an input field for the email address to the form, but there are many input errors.
Input validation by Flow is too late and meaningless.
Needless to say, even if try to notify the form responder of the typo, the contact email address itself is incorrect.


Why is there no basic input validation to this degree?

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Currently, Forms only support basic value restrictions for text questions. There are no other kinds of validations available that allow users to customize, I will send a DCR (Design Change Request) to the product team, but I cannot guarantee the priority of the request.