Why is .Schmidt made into a link?

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if I set in Forms, in a dropdown list as answer selection ".Schmidt", then the selection is simply set as hyperlink?


I have already tested if it is because the name is duplicated and how it is with ".Schmitt".

Indeed, the system thinks exclusively with ".Schmidt" that it is an address and makes it clickable.


Forms in edit mode:



The ".Schmidt" selection is set like all other names.


The subsequent selection when filling in the questionnaire:



If I choose it as an answer, it opens it in the browser and runs into an error "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN"


Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me? Is this a Microsoft bug?


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Microsoft Forms' rich text editor will automatically convert any text containing well-known domains into a hyperlink. According to https://data.iana.org/TLD/tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt, as 'Schmidt' is a domain name, it will also be converted into a link.

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And can I stop the automatic hyperlinking in forms?


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We will make a change in the backend to prevent auto-conversion for this particular domain. Please expect the change to take effect in the following week.

But I think it's a general problem with automatically setting a hyperlink. It should be basically possible in the settings to disable automatic detection of hyperlinks for a formluar.

Because I have another question with a dropdownlist, where the following term is set as hyperlink:

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Thank you for providing the information to help me understand your requirement. Whitelisting won't help in this case, and you are requesting a setting to enable/disable hyperlinks. I will send a Design Change Request (DCR) to the product team for further review.
Sound good. Thanks a lot!