Why did everybody get an email notification when my form received a submission?

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I set up a new Microsoft form and I am the owner.  I selected receive email notifications when a response is submitted in settings.  EVERYONE in our tenant received an email when there was a response submitted.  Was this a glitch?  How can I fix it?

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I suspect the issue is not with Forms, as Forms does not know everyone's email address in your tenant. Can you share more details about your scenario? Is it a personal form or a group form? Do you have any automation flow built for that particular form? Does it only happen with one response submission or with every submission? How about your other forms? Do they have the same issue?

@Dingkun Xie Thanks for responding!  I think it is a personal form. I do not have an automation flow set up.  It happens with every submission.  It did not happen with previous forms but this is the first form I have set up since we changed our Microsoft tenant.  I haven't tried to set up another yet.

@MandyS1390  its easy,

from Settings > Reponce receipts

do not select any option from the list



@Ayman500 thanks but I do want to receive a notification but just to me.  It was being sent to everyone in the organization.