Where Forms Pro Invite stores context variables when invite has just been generatd but not responded



When we create a new survey we can add context variables, that might be populated within Power Automate for Survey distribution. (E.g. First name, Last name, Employee job). One of the variables we are using, is “About_Whom” the survey is.

When invitation link (survey) is sent to the recipient, but hasn’t been responded yet ,we’d like to see such records as a separate list on a SharePoint. For tracking purposes.

We’ve almost achieved that, when we made a sync between SharePoint and Forms Pro Invite Entity in CDS.

But the issue is that Forms Pro Invite Entity, as per our understanding, doesn’t store the context variables…

But what is surprising, if you open the Survey invitation link or analyze the Survey response afterwards (FormsProSurveyResponse Entity with ContextData field), you can see the Context variables shown correctly.

My questions is:
How can we get the context variables, generated by Forms Pro Invitation, before the surveys is responded, but has already been sent?

Or, in another words, where the Forms Pro Invite stores context variables when invite has just been generated?


Kindly help.



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@Sayanika - you are creating the survey invitation using Power Automate, and passing the variables through at that time. From what you have said, you want to have those same variables added to a SharePoint list. Although there is a Context parameters field in CDS on the Survey Invitation entity, it isn't populated.


Why not populate your SharePoint list in the same flow where you are creating your Survey invitation record? That's where you are getting all of the values, so why not just do it at the same time?