When will there be any changes on Forms?

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For serveral months I am hoping there will be some changes on Forms. Many questions have been asked. Alle of them where answered with more or less the same answer: Thank you for your response and it is on our roadmap. But after many months of waiting, I still don't see any changes and I don't find any announcements at

Can you please tell me when it wil be possible to co-author a form? Include pictures? Insert an introduction page? possibility of setting a default? Etc. Etc.

I think it is a very usefull tool, but we are missing so much settings and options. 

Our teachers are looking for other tools. I have told them to wait, but for how long?


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Hi Rene. I dont know how much it adds to the conversation, but I was recently involved in demo'ing some upcoming features and they are very exciting. I too feel your impatience (and I use Forms, Google Forms and SurveyMonkey ... so perhaps I dont feel the pressure). But things are coming! Exciting things!!

@Andrew Cornwall Thanks for your reply. Do you know if this demo is available online?? If yes, where can I find it? If only I could announce any upcoming changes everbody will be a bit more patience. And I am very curious too? :)

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No demos as far as I know. I don't think I was under any assumed non-disclosure, so it was largely about sharing and co-authoring of forms. Pretty cool stuff!