When will there be a template in Automation that puts a limit on response Items?

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Talking to a collegue this week and listen to him say that Google Forms has a simple script to limit the possibility to enter new list-items gave me a sad smile. I want Office to succeed but it oftentimes is too complex for teachers.

In a school having forms that reward the fastest students with a registry in a group that they want to participate in and letting late students know that they have to register for another group is daily routine. Presuming one form can handle multiple choices/listitems this automation is like rocketscience in Officeland.

Why is this easily organised with a simple script in Google Forms and why do I have to have a master in PowerApps to get this done with Forms? This is not the first time that I posted this question, I'm still hoping that there is a wizzard out there with a workable solution for a teacher that has 200 students who have to enlist in 17 different groups. 

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