When Opening Microsoft Forms Individual Responses, have it default to open in Excel Desktop

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Whenever a coworker of mine tries to open the responses he gets from Microsoft forms, it will auto-default to opening in Excel Online (has the excel logo with the little cloud). He wants it to open like mine, where it will open straight in excel on the desktop. Both of us made our accounts 2 days ago, so we don't understand why the system picked 2 different options for us. Thanks. 

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Different versions of excel locally? Both on PC's?

We are using the same version of excel 2013, and are both on pcs. 


We were messing around with it some more and saw it was just for that one form, not a larger issue with his account. When he was looking at his responses for that one form, I assume he saved it to his sharepoint and it defaulted opening the responses to Excel Online. He deleted the responses from the sharepoint and it resumed working like normal