When a user changes an answer on a survey they then see both 'Ending' questions.

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I have the typical CYA form for people entering a special area:  Quick 4 questions, Yes/No choices only.


If they select ALL "no" they get a Green formatted response.  It's the question 6 text because I can't figure out how to just display a text field yet. (I know, that's a whole 'nother issue for me. )


If they select ANY "yes" they get a red formatted response which is the question 5 text.


Question 5 and 6 are 'hidden' and should only display based on their choices.


Works great until someone clicks Back before submitting the survey.  If anyone changes an answer, they see what they would have received (Red or Green) and then instead of submit, they get a next to show what they should receive, red or green, based on their current answers. 

Has anyone run into this before?  Some weird issue with my logic or order?  When does forms evaluate the survey to determine which to show?

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