What happens when Forms owner leaves the company?

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One of the MS Forms Survey owner is going to leave the company but that survey is active i.e. people are updating the survey using Collaborate link. So in this case, what is going to happen? Will this survey be totally lost since the owner of the survey will not be available anymore?



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@Prashant Gupta Having that issue right now.  I trained folks to share the edit link with someone else (in case you win the lottery), but someone didn't we lost all the data and have to redo.

@Kevin Crossman 

Except with One Drive files, you have a recycle bin and an admin can access the files in that users One Drive or give access to another user.  It would be nice if we as admins were given the same access to users Forms.

@shane_vh Except our company has a policy where we do no open One Drives from past employees due to privacy concerns.  We need an admin tool.