What happens to existing responses if form modified?

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I'm creating a form to use as an anonymous suggestion box.  Right now there are two questions on the form:

1) Subject with three choices and other

2) Suggestion which is a long text field


After the form is in use for a while, I can see the need for possibly adding either an additional Subject or a Sub-Subject field for some of the Subjects.  What happens to the existing responses in these cases?


A) The number of choices in the subject is changed?

B) Additional question(s) added between 1) and 2) for subchoices.  (The idea is if a given subject is chosen, then another question appears to categorize the subject even further.  This might require multiple questions, etc.)

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@Fredrik_V Adding additional questions won't have any effect on responses already submitted. But if you delete a question then the responses to that question in the spreadsheet will be deleted.


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