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We are a platform that specialises in delivering various sorts of wedding turbans. We are a platform that is deeply rooted in Indian culture. When it comes to Indian weddings, we all know how crucial the turban is.


Different civilizations have symbolic 'pagris' that define their culture, and these are also used in Indian wedding traditions. As a result, we offer our clients a variety of pagris so that they can immerse themselves in the culture they desire for ceremonies such as weddings and other rites. We even have designers on staff who can create personalised safas for our customers.


What Kinds Of Turbans Can We Make?

Turbans or Wedding Safa aren't just for the groom, as many people believe. The bride and groom's family members should also wear them so that they may be clearly differentiated from the other guests. There are even turbans produced just for guests, ensuring that everyone attending the wedding has one. The safas' different design patterns and styles distinguish the many types of people in the family.


For example, we create safa for the groom's outfit. Our designers know how to execute their jobs well, and they put their best foot forward to find the ideal safa for you. We have the broached turban for an elegance look, the glossy embellished safa for a joyous look, the modest coloured safa for tranquilly, and so forth. We can design various types of pagris for our clients, from Rajasthani to Punjabi pagris.


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When it comes to turbans, we at Wedding Safa For Barati are quite familiar with the cultural needs of those attending weddings. However, we also keep up with the most recent wedding trends. According to our research, there has recently been an uproar about turbans for ladies as well. This is mostly due to Bollywood's turban mania, with songs featuring ladies wearing jazzy turbans in both traditional and groovy music.

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