We need more than 6 options on a Forms poll

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We're trying to use MS forms for sprint planning. We want the team to vote on the effort they estimate is required for a task.


When we ask the Forms bot:

@Forms How much effort is task A in points? 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, too big

Form bot replies:

"Sorry, but there should be no more than 6 options".


Six is such a random pointless and small number for a restriction. Can it be removed or changed?

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I agree! We are using Forms poll in team in Table Topic Contest and sometime we have more than 6 participants.
Yes, seriously! Six is so random—it couldn't at least be ten? My company had a "contest" for employees to come up with a name for something, and we had about a dozen responses for everyone to vote on. This is sort of a silly example, but I can easily imagine other needs for many options.

@IBSIKristin totally agree it would also be useful to be able to ask one than one question in a poll we are using this tomorrow and will have to launch 3 different polls for an evaluation which isn't great.


we've moved to using polls during the meeting/event/workshop to get NPS score responses.  We've had up to 10x increase in answers using this method - HOWEVER;


NPS rating requires that a selection between 1-10 or it doesn't qualify as an actual NPS score. 

I can make it in real time during the meeting, but it interrupts the flow which works counter to the efforts of streamlining the experience for audiences. 

Please please please increase this if at all possible.