Want to add a restriction that will only allow you to submit your response if it adds to 100

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I am currently working on a form where I want to add in a restriction where if all the numbers to the questions don't add up to 100, it wont let the user submit it until it does. For example:


Answer to Question 1 = 25

Answer to Question 2 = 25

Answer to Question 3 = 25

Answer to Question 4 = 30


Then when the user goes to submit the response, a message comes up saying something like "All your answers must add up to 100" or something similar to that.


Is this possible on Microsoft Forms?


Thank you! :)


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@Hasan300 no it's not possible with Forms. You would need to create a flow in Power Automate to do the calculations and if they added up to 100 then save it to a SharePoint list or spreadsheet, and if they don't then send an email back to the responder asking them to resubmit (and of course it doesn't get saved to the list/spreadsheet).


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