Viewing responder names to a form

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I've created a new form and selected to record the name of the responder and receive Email notifications and these are all working fine.


When I share the results with another user however, they cannot see who the responders are unless I "Open in Excel" and then store/share this with them instead. I know I can also ask the users to fill their details in as an answer to another question but this is annoying as they've already logged in using their O365 account anyhow.


Is there no way of sharing admin permissions so that authorised users can also see who has responded ?



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If you choose to share your form with all people in your organization, it is done automaticly.

How do you share the Form with your entire organization?  I want everyone in the organization to have this form available when they click on "Forms".  I'm creating several forms and it's not feasable for everyone to have to have separate links for each form emailed to them.  Would like to create a Library of Forms so to speak so everyone has all of them in their Forms App.  Would appreciate the help!

Hi Jennifer

One way you can use as a Intranet, for an example.

You can create a page of notice that you can put the form link to be answered.

What do you think about it?



It this something that can be done in Microsoft 365?


Yes! You can use the Sharepoint to create it.