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Hi, everyone! 

I have created a form that connects with a flow of Power Automate. I would like to know if there is any way I can validate the answers given by the responder before he submits them. In particular, I would like the responder to write two times his email address and check if these answers are equal. I need to validate the address since the flow will later on send emails to the responder.  This person is not necessarly part of the organization so he may not have Microsoft account, therefore, this information is not saved by Microsoft Forms by default. 

Thank you in advanced!

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@denisemartincaldareri this doesn't exist as functionality at the moment. The most you can do is add a restriction to your text question and set it as an email address field. You could add the question in a second time but you can't validate it against the first question.

Hi @denisemartincaldareri 


In addition to @Megan_V_Walker 's response, what type of validation are you seeking to the questions?


Have you looked at doing a Quiz where you can specify the right and wrong answers and put some restrictions to narrow down the users given input?


Forms does have limitations with validation more complext than this, but it's a good start in case you haven't explored the options yet.




@Megan_V_Walker Thank you for your answer, could you please show me how can set the field as an email address one?

Sure! Take a look at this, it will show you how to do it:

@Megan_V_Walker I don't know why but I can't choose the email option, is like the dropdown menu is not working properly.

Thank you anyway for your replies, they were really useful.

@Damien Rosario Thank you, I used other field types like "option" to limit errors but in this case I needed to make sure that the responder typed correcty his email.

@denisemartincaldareri did you choose the text field? I couldn't see or open a screenshot so not sure what you are seeing. 

@Megan_V_Walker  yes, I've selected the text field 




e-Mail validation is only available in FormsPro.

@CYappert thank you!

it would be amazing if Microsoft could introduce such a validation feature!!





It is such an obvious feature! And a typical Microsoft omission.

If you make a list of top 10 things you'd want out of a Form... near the top of that list would be Email format validation and Phone format validation. But I doubt we'll ever see it. Once Microsoft flag a product as "finished" they forget abhout it and move on.


I agree, I actually was just looking for instructions on how to basic validation (we want to limit submissions to a specific epost domain).  I just assumed you could do that....

I also want a function that the Form can support to validate the input through a list. The list is not visible to the users but can reminder the user if the input is not in the list. e,g. Only the users whose employee ID is in a pre-defined list can fill the Form.