Using variables in Microsoft forms

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I have created a survey with Microsoft forms. I have so far one survey translated to 19 languages, therefore, 19 survey links.
I am are planning on distributing these surveys with a company (i.e. Cint). We will distribute the surveys in 45 countries, to 400 respondents per country

The distributing company (Cint) is asking me to obtain a "variable" in order to attach an [ID]-Capture at the end of the survey link (e.g. c=, guid=, respondent= and similar … ). This [ID]-Capture is needed by the company to fill it in automatically with a 38-digit code to identify the panelists/respondents.

This variable to attach the survey link to the [ID]-Capture is different depending on the survey provider (SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Microsoft forms...). For SurveyMonkey for example it looks like: c= . For example, if this would also be the variable for Microsoft forms, a link to a survey would like like:[ID]
So it is usually:  surveylinkvariable=[ID]
The distributing company (Cint) said the survey provider (i.e. Microsoft forms) can give me this information. However, it seems impossible to contact anyone from Microsoft forms.
I need to know if:
-With my current plant (basic Microsoft forms) I can do this.
-If that is not possible, to which plan I will need to upgrade?
Thank you!
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