Using Office365 IDs in Form Response

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I am new to Forms and have just developed my first form. It is a peer to peer recognition form that will feed a monthly and annual company award. I was wondering if I can enable the use of Office365 User IDs in a response to standardise the names of people being nominated. The alternative is to allow people to type in text (which leaves room for errors, which then creates difficulties in analysing data), or adding a heap of choices (too many, which would make the form cumbersome).


Any suggestions welcome, thanks.  

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Hi Ben


I don't think there is an option to do what you are asking (that I am aware of).


My only thought is that you could let people type it out (ensuring there is a comment to say they need to spell the name correctly), and then export the results to Excel, sort the nominee column to group the same names together, and then you can do a count to tally things up.


As a side benefit, once the data is in Excel, you could do some cool things such as a pie chart of the % of how each nominee did.


Might make a good speal when you are presenting? E.g. With 23% of the vote, Oliver Queen hold a year quarter of the competition.


Anyway just my two cents. Hope it was helpful!