Using MS forms for escalations after a survey has been completed

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Does anyone know if forms allows for escalations whilst completing a survey or highlighting afterwards that an answer needs an action or response?

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@Juppj there's nothing within Forms itself that allows that; it doesn't apply any logic to the responses. But we always save Forms responses into a SharePoint list via a Flow in Power Automate. We do this for out incident reporting, IT support tickets, new staff notifications to IT, gifts & hospitality and so on. The lists are then formatted depending on what has been  selected in the form. And the flow also sends out an email to relevant staff where necessary: for example if the user selects health & safety in the incident form then an email is automatically sent to the H&S Director, if it's an electrical issue then an email goes to the Facilities Manager etc etc.


So look into using Power Automate for this.


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Hi @RobElliott 


Thank you for coming back to me and sharing what is possible here.  How do I use Power Automate to make this happen?  Is it easy to learn how to use?  Or can you point me in the right direction please?


Much appreciate your time Rob.


Regards juppj

There are lots of videos on YouTube about getting started with Power Automate.