Using Forms to Update Work Items in DevOps

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How do you use Forms with Azure Devops to: forms to a specific Azure Devop's project

2. create forms with specific information for ADO work items and with routine update questions and input fields for responses 

3. schedule sending out or creating the event to trigger sending out forms via email to the assigned persons of the workitem

4. automatically update the workitem information with responses when it is submitted 


Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. 




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@Brian1rob you will need to build a flow in Power Automate. I've never used Azure DevOps, but the triggers available for it are:



But you'll prbably be using each Forms submission as the trigger so the Azure DevOps actions available to you after that are:





 You'll see that the connector is premium so there will no doubt be an additional cost to use these actions.


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