Using forms for customer satisfaction survey

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Hello, I would like to know if Forms is capable of doing the following:


We would like to send a mail to a customer based on a trigger (record that "belongs" to the customer in our datawarehouse gets a certain value). I think we can do this using Power Automate.


But here it gets tricky: the unique ID of this record should be somehow embedded in the form that gets sent out. Also when we receive the repsonse, it should be accompanied with this ID, so we can link it to the record I mentioned earlier.


Summary: record in database changes --> mail gets sent out with link to Form with an unique ID --> customer fills in Form, sends it an sends the unique ID back with it --> we receive the Form info and are able to "attach" it to the customer's record in our database using the unique ID.


Can someone help how to manage this? For example, how do I embed the unique ID in the Forms link in the mail that gets sent out?

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Microsoft Forms does not support pre-populate field in URL while Customer Voice does, you can find more information in this thread -
Looks like CRM.
Alternatively,you can send these ID and ask your customers to fill their unique code by copy and paste to the form.