Using forms as a Quality Assurance process

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I am tasked with migrating our existing QA process from lots of Word forms to an more streamlined process. I had been looking at using PowerApps for this, but having looked into Forms I am now exploring this option.


Essentially there is a Word file for each one of our individual QA Processes. The idea being that the form is completed and saved in a shared folder for reference. As it stands nothing ever really comes of it. So, going forward, I have a rough idea of:


Create a Form in Forms

Responses are then collated in a sharepoint list(?)

PowerBI is some how used to view the response data

An email is sent to the relevant person once all the form data has been collated giving them the green light to proceed with their task(s).


I have looked into the above and expect that it would be achieveable using Forms and Flow and I need to understand a bit more about that, but through trial and error I am sure that I will get there :)


What I need to know is that between the various Word files we currently use, there is a lot of overlap of repeated questions, so I am wondering if with "Branching" I am able to create single instances of the questions in a 'pool' so to speak and then 'call' the relevant questions depending on which QA Form option is selected? Maybe overlap a number of Forms based on varying scenarios?

I hope the above makes sense and I am not sure if it might be workable or doable.


Any input, advice or help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi @JPChadd 


Yes, you can do this. Here is an example below I set up regarding Branching.


- the initial question splits into 2 branches

- branch 1 is an example of how to 'self contain' a section of the form, so when you answer all the question in that branch it goes to the end of the form





This is the view externally once you share it




So it is doable to essentially merge the word forms into one form and use branching.


However, please be aware of the limitation of Teams which AFAIK is 200 questions. This may mean you need to split the forms in more than one, but it can help you to consolidate those forms with less than you have now.


Hope that helps to answer your question.


Best, Chris