Using Forms as a front end for a database

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Hi all,


First time posting so I hope this makes sense.


I have a piece of work to do where I need to get various departments to check a spreadsheet of course start and end dates and a few other things and amend them.  In the past I've just emailed the spreadsheets out which has always been a disaster because to be honest the people needing to look at them aren't very tech savvy and sending a humongous spreadsheet usually results in at best getting ignored and at worst a scan of a printed spreadsheet with hand written notes all over it.


What I was hoping to do was build a form online that bases data off of a master spreadsheet where they could search for their course and just have a few boxes to complete, so for example they type the course code in and it'll show "When does this course start" with a date picker next to it, then a save button which overwrites the spreadsheet so I can then re-import it neatly into our back end system.


Is Forms the best tool for this and if so, can anyone point me in the direction of a how to guide as I'm struggling to know what to Google.  I've tried building something in Access but distributing that would be a nightmare so I'd like to avoid that route if possible.

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@badongism Forms is not the best tool for this: unless you are using Forms Pro and CDS you can't pre-populate the form. And Forms doesn't have a feature to select course code and it then shows the course start date etc.


You would need to build an app in Power Apps to connect to the SharePoint list of courses for the user to amend as necessary.


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