Users need to be able to complete an external word form

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Hi All,


Our sales team have a huge form that needs to be completed before the sale can be completed. 

I have created the form in word.

1. How do I add the form to the opportunity?

2. Certain fields e.g. account name, need to auto-populate when the form is opened

3. the form needs to be saved against the opportunity.


I tried webresource, but that doesn't really work.

I tried word template but they can't complete the form and save it against the opportunity.

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@YDynamics sorry but I don't think you're in the right place so might not get any answers. This forum is for the Microsoft Forms app in Office 365, not for forms created in Word and needing to be added to an opportunity.


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Thank you Rob, I'll close this one and find the correct one.