User Selects Email Address from Outlook Address Book for Form Approval

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Brand new to Forms, and have not found an answer to my question, so I will pose it here.


We have a form that requires 2 approvals: Approval 1 is the users Manager or Supervisor or Department Leader. Approval 2 is the head of Purchasing.


Approval 1 is where my issue is. The user needs to be able to select their Approver, and in turn the form will then be emailed to the Approver they designated. Get Manager V2 connection is not necessarily appropriate for this.


Is it possible to have the user select the name/email from the Outlook address book? Or is there a scenario using Flow / Sharepoint / Etc. that can make this work?


Since my company is constantly hiring the Outlook Email address book would be the most up-to-date list of people employed here. I don't think list in Sharepoint would work - but I have only rudimentary grasp of Sharepoint, so if this inaccurate please let me know.


Again, I'm brand new to working in Forms, but I have an awesome IT department that can help me out of the back end. I need some direction on if this is possible, and if so - how should this be set up? My simple skills figured out how to make a form and the rudimentary Flow, but I need help to get this next bit sorted out.


Thank you for any help!

If information already exists on this topic, a link would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi @mdodero,

This scenario in terms of approvals is recommended in SharePoint

The company I work for has this same scenario for PO’s and works perfectly.

An alternative would be to use Flow

Hope that answers your question. Forms Pro is currently in preview and may have this functionality, but for a standard solution - as you can see from the articles - are well covered by SharePoint and Flow

Best, Chris
Thank you! I'll read the suggested links.