URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! Forms are automatically deleted from Ms.Forms!!!!!!!!

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Hello Microsoft Tech Community!. 

I've been an avid fan and advocate for Ms. Forms since long time now. 

I've been using the product as a data entry too for a number of research projects. However, recently, my forms have been "automatically deleted - actually DISAPPEARING!!!!!! - for no apparent reason and without any notice!!!!. 

I tried to find these missing forms in my recycle bin but without any hope!. 

I'm using Forms(Preview) version using my personal email, since my company doesn't grant me access to the 360 version.

PLEASE, I need URGENT help in this matter!. My projects are COMPLETELY dependent on this tool for God's sake!!!!!!. 

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@Mhassan88 Can you PM me one formid that was missing? also, can you share another formid with your current account? This will help us to investigate the issue

@Yao KeMany thanks for your kind aid. I will PM you now!. 

Hi @Mhassan88 , maybe a very silly respons, but I've had the same experience some time ago.
And no matter how much I love Microsoft products, I was deperate and tried the Firefox browser... And there the forms were as if nothing happened. Both the new Edge and Google Chrome pretended as if they were not there, even after cache refresh etc. But they were right there when using Firefox.
I hate that.
Currently have such a situation with Power Canvas Apps too where things suddenly don't work in Edge/Chrome anymore, but work perfectly in Firefox....
So advise is to try different browsers!

@BusyIntelligence Many thanks for sharing your experience. 

I tried that step too, without success :(.