Uploaded answers are visible to other students

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Dear All

Students given exam using a form released with file upload type question. but what ever uploaded by students all visible to student in the share point;  how to hide or remove such display;  all exam uploaded by students are openly available to all ;  this is not correct ;  it must be hidden 


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@mijawidnazir it sounds like you are using a flow in Power Automate to save the form responses to a list in SharePoint, so it's not an issue with Forms but with permissions in SharePoint. If a user has read permissions for the SharePoint list then they will be be able to see all items, even if the view is set to a [Me] filter. I wouldn't give them access to the SharePoint site but look at other ways of giving them their results. A Power Apps app would probably give you the result you are looking for where the gallery could be filtered to show only the results for the logged in user.


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Aactually i am following the default settings;    thanks for the suggestion  if you are able to provide a sequence or screenshot it will be a great help to follow and carry the task @RobElliott 


thank  for the message;  so nice of you