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We make extensive use of Microsoft forms for our workers in the fields. The latest chrome for android update breaks the ability to upload files on forms. We can take a non-updated android device, use a form with a upload file option and you see and can attach files. Then update chrome in the app store and then when you select attach files no recent files show and if you browse to the file location they are greyed out as if chrome does not have permissions to local files. Non forms file attachment works in chrome, and upload files on the form in Firefox or other browsers works fine. Only the latest mobile Chrome version with the forms upload option displays this behavior.

We are using Firefox instead of Chrome as a work around on android devices.

Files greyed out:


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Have you been able to find a resolution for this? I am seeing the same behavior. There does not seem to be an Android permission setting to allow access to storage.



Unfortunately no, we had to spend a ton of time and training to get our users switched to using Firefox on Android devices when using Microsoft forms upload function.



It is likely to be a Chrome issue on Android. To verify this, you can open https://ps.uci.edu/~franklin/doc/file_upload.html (which is a simplest file upload test page) and see if it works on Android Chrome.

There are couple posts in the Chrome support websites. One of them mentioned a workaround. Maybe you can give it a try.