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I've created a form that I hope to share outside my organization to collect text and files. I see via all the help searches that there is an upload file feature, but for whatever reason, it is not available to me (see screenshot). I've looked in settings and don't see any solutions. 


Thanks for the help!

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@sarahtherapist I have tested here.  In my tenant (Forms Pro), if the form has been set up to share externally then this field option is not available (it shows but gives me a warning message about external sharing), otherwise, it works.


I logged into my personal MS account (Forms free) and logged into Forms and this field option is not available (does not show).


Ahhh, so I need the "pro" version to have this option? @Tanya Denton 

@sarahtherapist I can't say 100% as i can't find any info out there confirming this, but from what i have tested between my work and personal account it looks like that.  Maybe someone else will chip in and confirm soon.

@Tanya Denton I just remembered that I had a work account through a part time job and low and behold THERE'S THE FILE UPLOAD OPTION! I think you've solved all the world's problems today. Thank you!! :)

@sarahtherapist hahahaha thank you Sarah, have a lovely weekend.



Upload is not available in FormsPro at all.


It is available for Forms regular but only for those that have are logged in on your domain. not for external users. so Sorry, no external users.


Everyone wants this to change .. but it's unlikely that Microsoft will open OneDrive (the area that files are uploaded to) to unidentified users. Nor in my opinion do you want just anyone uploading a file into your tenant without proper security.



@CYappert Not sure if I am posting twice, but my reply to you yesterday has disappeared!.  We have Forms Pro and this where I see the option for this type of field, but only as I said before if it is not shared externally.Tanya Denton_0-1581887589520.png

@Tanya Denton 


Is that an actual Pro form? because you can create normal forms even under the FormsPro banner.


If it is a Pro form, then it's something to look forward too as MS would appear to be rolling it out by tenant again. It would certainly fix the chain survey hack I've been using. But it will be interesting to see how they handle file uploads into CDS so that you can get the files back out. And since FormsPro forms can't be shared into a group ... then every uploaded file would come into the account that owned the form.


Hmmm  ... snip3.JPGAll types of questions in my head for File Upload in FormsPro.


Time for coffee.

@CYappert I've been looking all over trying to see how to upload. I have Forms Pro and it isn't an option. Frustrating.