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Hello All,


We are using a variety of different file types that are not the usual pictures and docs, and I am trying to figure out how to remove that restriction from our form question. I would like to let our users upload files custom to some of our programs. Is this possible?

Example file type would be .dxf or .dwg Thanks!

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Did you find an answer to this? I need to be able to accept STL files for our 3D printers.

@SaraKelley No, I had to implement a workaround. Its for an internal project so I just told the users to put them in a common folder outside of the form.

@BoyerRou - Thanks! That's too bad. That sort of work around won't work for us. I need to be able to submit it with the form. 

@SaraKelley Did you ever find a solution for STL files? I'm in the same situation.

@Nick_Moore the only file types that Forms can handle are shown in the file upload question:



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I agree with the need to be able to upload any type of file. I am trying to convert a process from SmartSheets/Zappier to Microsoft and this is the one piece we can do in SmartSheet that we cannot do in Microsoft. We need to be able to upload .stm files for 3d printing and do not want to have to put it in another location then capture the URL into the form. @Pernille-Eskebo are you listening?



Was this ever resolved? Having the same issue. Are there work arounds?

HI, I have the same issue. Trying to implement in Microsoft form and not in Smartsheet, but I think I will need to go back. My problem is with XLSB file.

No and No. The file-type restrictions imposed by Microsoft still apply.



As a workaround I've used the 'Request files' feature from within OneDrive or SharePoint and embedded the generated URL into the Form and asked for people to follow the URL, upload the relevant data, then return to the Form. You can then use Power Automate to go and copy or move the file to a location of your choice once the Form is submitted.


Create a file request - Microsoft Support

Thank you Graham, technically is good workaround , but Sales people is nevery willing to fill in forms, imagine if I have to ask them to add this new step :)
I don´t want but I think I will continue with Smartsheet that is working well until Microsoft correct this restriction. Appreciate your support.
The "Request files" feature only seems to work if the user is already signed in to their Microsoft account. So I had to require user sign in on the form to make sure they are already signed in.

Hey @Ian_Ostrom. Request files is designed to work anonymously. Out of interest, have you tried the URL in an InPrivate browser session or sandbox environment?