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I attended a 1 week practical session for my UNISA studies 24 August 2020 till 28 August 2020 on Teams platform, upon completion on 28 August 2020 we received a link to a survey we had to complete, which the university will take as proof of attendance. I just received notification from university that I was marked Absent from examination. Is there any way that I can get proof that I attended the session and proof that I submitted the survey. I can’t afford to do this module over, after all the money and time I spent on it.

GILBERT MASHABA: https://bit.ly/2Q6gLdk Here is the link
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That is the link of the survey.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me, because I’m a registered nurse working in a ICU and I have had a very emotional year, but through all the challenges of COVID 19 I diligently focussed on my studies. If I can please just get help...

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@PortiaE there's unfortunately nothing that those here on the forum can do: the teams link doesn't work and the link to the form says it doesn't exist. I think you'll need to go back to the university with what you've told us and my reply and see what they can do. This just reinforces what a flaky app Microsoft Forms is!


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@RobElliott thank you for the reply, I tried the link also and it also now says that doesn’t exist. All I have to show that I attended is my history in teams and I don’t know how I can submit that.