Unable to upload .msg files via forms

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Hello All, I want my users to upload .msg files through forms. They are unable to upload .msg files which are saved as messages from outlook. They are able to upload all other files like word, excel etc. Any help on this please ?



Naveen M

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This looks like to be a product limitation, allowed file types are Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, Image, Video and Audio.

@Ricardo Viana Thank You for the response. I too was under the same impression but Microsoft says that it is possible. Please go through the link. 



you are right, I tested .txt and it is not working as well.

Had you open a support ticket?



I have opened a ticket about this, the article is now accurate

@Ricardo Viana Hello, is there any result on this question? very sore subject for me.

They just removed the .msg from the article, no idea if there are any plans to add it once again

Is there any possibility of this being added in the future? Seems a bit of a limitation.

I am also interested on this feature. We would like the users to upload email messages on an MS Form.