Unable to see results in Microsoft Forms Pro

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I have a form that I created yesterday with Forms Pro.  Unfortunately, today when I click on the "Export to Excel" nothing is happening.  So I cannot see the detailed results from the survey, just the graphical summaries which are not sufficient.  How can I access the full survey results?


I have tried 3 different browsers and clicked the Export option in two different places, neither options loads Excel.  

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@NicolaYoung We know of some intermittent issues with export. This should be fixed this week. In the meantime, you can try to get access to the responses in excel by using - https://forms.office.com/Pages/RedirectToExcelPage.aspx?id={form_id}&forceReExport=true

replace {form_id} with the form id

@PrateeksThanks for the follow up.  It still gives me an error about the form not existing.  I will look for the fix later this week.  Thanks again.  Capture2.JPG

@Prateeks This worked for me! Thank you!

@NicolaYoungI tried again after the other poster was successful, and it worked.  Thanks again for your work around.