Unable to expire forms pro link based on invitation sent in email

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I am facing issue to expire link of the forms pro survey. Currently its available on the whole survey but my requirement is different.


I have a Power app which starts the flow to the survey. I pass the email id and e.g. project code in the flow. I am using the template "Send a Microsoft Forms Pro Survey When a button is clicked in power apps". So this flow send the email to the provided email id with the forms pro survey link. This link is unique for every project code for the same survey.(Passing project code in "First Name" field)

So multiple users can generate the link for multiple projects for the single Forms Pro Survey.


The mail link will be circulated to other members to get the response.

My requirement is that the link should get auto expired in 14 days. I cannot use the Forms Pro feature as it is on survey level and the whole survey will get closed for all the users.


Is there any way to expire the link based on the invitaion sent?

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