To Add a Sign Section to a Form

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Hello all,


I have a form on JotForm and  I try to create the same form in MS Forms or MS Lists. But the form in JotFrom has a sign section but I could not built-in MS Forms or MS lists. I will use these forms in Sharepoint and, they will be able to be changed in real-time by other users. I have been looking for this topic and searching to find the best way but it is complicated. Is there any suggestion where I should start?


Thanks in advance.

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@esember it's not possible for a user to "sign" a form In MS Forms. If your users are internal you could build a form in Power Apps as it has a pen input field specifically for things like signatures.


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Thank you for your advice!

I created an image from peninput tools and now I want to carry these pics into MS List signature section.

Is there any template for this method? Thanks in advance.

@esember you would have to create a file upload question to upload the image from peninput. It would put it into your OneDrive (unless it's a group form when it would save it to SharePoint) and then attach it to the list item via the flow.


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