“This form does not accept responses at the moment” / Session ID: xxxxxxx Correlation ID: yyyyyyy

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We sent out a mailing from our email marketing solution, containing a link to a Microsoft form.

The form is configured in such way that

- everyone can respond to it,

- whether inside or outside of our organization/tenant,

- without the need to have a Microsoft account.

- therre's no expiration date or whatsoever


But upon receipt, it appears that :

  • People outside our domain (on mailboxes like outlook, gmail, yahoo …) can access the form.

  • Most people in our domain/tenant can access the form, whether they are connected to their MS account or not (tests done in normal AND private browsing).

  • However, some of them, whether connected to their MS accounts or not, whether in normal mode or private browsing, can't access the form and get the following error:

“This form does not accept responses at the moment” / Session ID: xxxxxxx Correlation ID: yyyyyyy

  • In some cases, these people are even redirected to a Microsoft login screen.

All of these tests were also conducted outside of our environment/tenant, the results are identical.


I can see from browsing different forums in the MS 365 Community, that this bug seems to be known and longstanding?


Please kindly get back to me with some resolution tips.


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Could you provide one of the session ID and correlation ID for the failed session? With this information, I can investigate further using the backend telemetry.

@Dingkun Xie hello

Here it is (I had to screencast the process because it was to fast before I was redirected to the login screen so that I couldn't not make a copy/paste)





According to the telemetry, the form has ended and the end time was 5:30 PM UTC on March 1st, 2024.


Please check if "End date" is configured in "Settings" under the "..." menu.




I checked again and I confirm : there is absolutely no end date configured ...

And if ever there was, no one should be able to access the form, right ?
I suggest that you contact your IT department and open a support ticket for the Product team. They will assist you with this issue and request any necessary information in a compliant manner.