This form can't be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information

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Dear team,

I have been using forms for months, and today I have got this new  error message:

'This form can't be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information. Contact your admin for assistance.'

I have read in other threads it happened before to other users.

Could you please let me know how to fix this problem.


Thank you

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There seems to be an issue with their phishing detection. We are having issues too with the phishing detection with forms

Also having the same issue with a form today, one that's been in use months


There is no alert in the message centre either for it as described here:

I have the same issue. The form has been in use for about 1 week. I have a copy of the form with only 1-2 different questions but that one is working fine.

@Simon Hartshorn Same here. Unfortunately it's our covid screening form too so a bunch of employees use it before their shift...

Having the same exact issue with a form we've used for nearly a year.

Fortunately that one's still working for me....

@kevinduvall so is it a temporary problem? or do we need to fix it ? There is nothing in my forms which is sensitive ... so I have no idea what to amend :(....

@Anne_Seyer Same issue here.  Awful timing as we are attempting to use with a brand new large client.

@Anne_Seyer We too started seeing this message from morning.  This is our COVID survey FORM not sure if they fix this.

@Anne_Seyer Same issue here! Very inconvenient as I cannot even access the answers left by previous users!! Microsoft, please help!



ooh... Mine appears to have unlocked! :)

Same issue for my tenant (for one Form).

@Simon Hartshorn After getting your response I checked the form again and now have full access again as well!

@Anne_SeyerCheck your forms again. Ours just started working in the last 10 minutes.

@NathanMc85 same here, didnt work all morning until 10 minutes ago

Same thing here! Thank you for the quick fix! 

@Anne_Seyer Really? I guess mine is taking a little longer to be accessible since i'm still unable to access it.... I'm praying it fixes itself at this point