This form can't be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information

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Ive had this appear out of the blue and the Form has been live for the last 2 months?

There is no information to show what information I have created that is personal or sensitive.

This is for a registration form I have created for my old Collegian.

Can someone help here? I cant access any data.



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I think Microsoft broke something. They need to fix it asap.

@NZLaSalle I am having the same issue, all my forms I have been using for months are no longer working.  I am telling my not for profit to go to Survey Monkey.  I too can't access any data or get sign ups for classes

I’m hoping to hear back from Microsoft on this as I can’t do anything and I am losing time for registrations.
Microsoft please help!
Hi, sorry for the inconvenience as we have identified a bug that has triggered unexpected false positive alarm last week. I assume you were using your personal Microsoft consumer account to use Microsoft Forms as this bug only impacted consumer accounts. This bug now has been fixed and you should be able to update the title of any text question to mitigate this problem (i.e. delete one word and add it back for any text question title). Please let us know if you still encounter this problem. Again apologize for your inconvenience.

@Anqi Du - that response isn't correct.  This bug is impacting my form that I am using to run office hours internally.  I am using my Microsoft internal account and discovered this issue when one of our internal security folks tried to sign up for office hours using her Microsoft account.  Please help us resolve.

The bug was impacting MSA and MSIT but not reached PROD externally. You should be able to unblock it by editing any text question titles.

@Anqi Du not true, this was on my personal account.  All my external O365 were impacted for several days.


The other person was not an internal Microsoft person

Everyone who is still hitting this issue, please first try making a change to a text question of your form.  If that doesn't unblock you, reply here with more information. 

@NZLaSalleSame issue here. Kind of makes it useless to me. I'm not asking for bank accounts or social security numbers, I just want a person to enter their name and an email address that I can use to later contact them. But I guess that's too much... Even just asking for a name triggers this.

So far I haven't found if or where I can adjust the filters, etc.

@NZLaSalle  I'm having the same problem with old forms

@nkercado I am now seeing this error whenever I add ANY Text field - regardless of the label. 


@Anqi Du Please help!

I'm having the same problem now too on my business account. It started about a half hour ago...

@NZLaSalle Same, I have a business account and a form that I have had created for at least 2 weeks now gives me an error message. I have it posted live on a website so people can fill out. All I have asked for is name, and City, State. 

Error message I see from my end when I edit: "This form can't be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information. Contact your admin for assistance."

Error message user sees from their end: This form can't be submitted as it is asking for personal or sensitive information.

We were getting a form ready to deploy today when this popped up. Same thing, any text field and it throws the error you don't even have to modify the question text.
Same problem, changed one title and got the error message. Now it will not go away despite changing the title back.

@brantmw Same here as well, we use the form to set up campaigns at our non-profit. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible! 

@Joshua Schmidt 

Same thing, i have been working on the forms for days until just today (ironically shortly after a Windows update) this message appeared. 


Need to get this figured out ASAP.