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We cannot use forms anywhere in Sharepoint because when web part is added the window displays a "This content cannot be dispalyed in a frame" Other browsers report " refused to connect.". If Microsoft browsers doesn't support frames, why is the Forms dev team using them?


We had forms in use before this week, but now they are all blocked and don't render. Maybe a change made to Forms over the weekend?

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We have same issue. 

Marketing dept created form, embedded it on the sharepoint page and sent out to whole organization.

As a result - half of organization can see form, half - not.

Form is not anonymous, so it requires user to be logged in to record his name.

This what we see in console:


Refused to display <a href="’" target="_blank">’</a> in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘deny’.


Any ideas?

Hi there


What you are experiencing with the web parts isn't normal behaviour (works fine for me via PC and web browser). If you happen to be accessing the forms web part from the SharePoint app then it will not work due to a bug with the way SharePoint mobile app handles authenticating user access to the Form.


@latonita , your error link appears to be happening when someone attempts to open the page from Outlook web. It should have allowed access so not sure why things are not working unless you are accessing it via the SharePoint mobile app.


You may want to log a support ticket with Microsoft about your respective issues.


Best wishes



Thanks Damien,

this is not a mobile app for sure. Just sharepoint online with forms webapp + form which saves name. Not clear why webapp not picking up authorization somehow and redirects to which doesnt allow embedding.
What we also noticed, that in Firefox it works okay, but Chrome/Safari give that error.

Hi @latonita 


If your marketing department has used the web part for Forms in the SharePoint page and you are accessing it from the web browser, it should work.


But I guess as a workaround, you may also want to add the Forms direct link under the web part so if it doesn't load, you can say something like "If you cannot view the form, please click here" and have it open into a new browser tab (similar to how HTML emails have that same warning in case you can't see the email properly in your mail client).


If the marketing team has embedded the code into the page and didn't use the web part, then I suspect it will fail as it won't be able to authenticate the users access to the form and probably attempt to redirect to a login screen (sounds like your scenario?).