The "Next" button for advancing to a new page/section doesn't show the "Next" text on it

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I thought i did some thing incorrect when building a new form, but looking back at previously built forms that have multiple pages/sections, i find that the "Next" button doesn't show the text anymore.  It does when editing, working on it, but when shared and/or in incognito mode, it doesn't have the "Next" text on the button.  The button still exists and functions, but doesn't have the text on it anymore. 


Also, noticed that at the end of a Form, just to the left of the submit button, it has a button that again doesn't have text, i figure that's supposed to say something like "go back" or "previous".

Anyone else seeing this issue and any idea of when a fix is going to be pushed for this.  It seems to be a new issue, since things were fine in my Forms last week, I believe.

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