The forms tab in Teams doesn't load in mobile app

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The forms tab/link mentioned in the Teams mobile app doesn't load.

We are trying this in Android phones with Microsoft Teams mobile app.


We can choose the option to open in browser and it works smoothly from there, but we would like to have this open within the Teams mobile app. Are we missing something here? What is the best practice to get the forms filled in from the users within Teams?


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@Tom Jacob Chirayil 

Can’t help with solution as I’m experiencing similar issue. What Android version does it affect in your case? The most on my devices are on Android 6, some on 8, other on 10. Logs show that user authentication against SharePointOnline (=Forms) and ProjectWorkManagement (Planner with Flow) has been interrupted. Teams works, all Forms in the tabs are grayed out until the client gets the invite to another Team. Teams doesn’t require separate authentication, user is signed-in but Forms App inside the app doesn’t load.

I’m testing on Samsung A50, Android 10 to replicate on newer OS version in same environment.

Officially, Teams does support only 4 last major versions, Forms – only current browsers.

@Red Flag 

The only workaround that I found was, Before opening any forms in Teams, Simply logout and login back to Teams and then click the forms link from Teams chat. This can open up the forms app within Teams.

I think once logged in, users can keep opening forms for the full day without having to sign in again. 


@Tom Jacob Chirayil

Signing in and out doesn’t help for longer time. It doesn’t renew the access token for Forms. Check with logins report in AAD – the status shows “interrupted”. So, the point is how to push Forms / SPO from the tab to authenticate. The workaround I’m testing is to open Forms directly in browser – then authentication req should be working. But still not sure if the grayed-out form in tab will allow to tap on (…) to get the menu “open in browser” as the entire workflow needs to be embedded in Teams.

@Red FlagI have raised a support ticket with Microsoft and asked @Kai Zhang to look into the issue. Here is the original description of the problem: 

Forms tab embedded in Teams channel doesn’t work on Android Phones (any version)

Forms doesn’t load and makes Teams hanging totally when used on Android Phones. Case confirmed and tested on more than 20 different devices, incl. Samsung A50, Android 10, Chrome 83, Teams 1416/1.0.0, Voice 2020.01.1, preview disabled, last updated July 16th, 2020.

User has signed in properly in Teams, Forms and SharePoint on the device. Forms authenticate the user and work properly when used separately in a browser on the same devices. Logs confirm a successful sign in status for all affected apps.

It happens mostly when the device requires a new authentication event after changing the IP overnight.

Most probably – Teams can’t provide authentication confirmation to embedded Forms in the channel tab. The auth token might not be provided to Forms.

Installing an auth broker app (Intune Company Portal) doesn’t help. Problem persists on unmanaged, managed (Enterprise Android), MAM-managed and non-MAM managed Android devices from 6 to 11 version.

Example: Login-ins Android 10, Samsung A50, Chrome 83

Workarounds with usage of a PC will not be accepted as the only device accessible for the 40+ employees are mobile phones only.

im also suffering the same problem. our college  conducts  assignment in teams. there have been multiple occurrence where the form loading is high.since they are time-bound so few cannot able to do assignment on time. it is more common in the teams app than website. i guess developer team work on it.